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Inflation in Israel leaves thousands of families in poverty and in dire need of support!

When looked at objectively Israel is indeed a small piece of land, one that marks our tremendous history as a nation, and as a people. Israel has seen the Jewish nation and many people of the world at their best, and unfortunately far too many times at their worst. Israel’s land has absorbed our tears, heard our cries, laughed at our joy, and nourished the children of Bnei Yisroel.  Today, that same land continues to witness our brethren’s cries of life, death, joy, and pain. Israel is a land filled with people who fight for survival on a daily basis. The security threat has become a way of life, and the economic struggle is constantly increasing.  

Life in Israel can oftentimes seem unpredictable and many have learned to have faith and simply continue to live despite so many challenges. However, sometimes too many challenges can affect too many factors. As inflation escalates, the poverty situation is becoming more and more critical! According to a recent Reshet 13 report: “Israel returned to the bottom of the ranking indicating one of the highest levels of poverty in developed countries.” This factor continues to affect the people of Israel, resulting in a hunger situation in dire need of support. Needy families, Holocaust survivors, IDF families, and Orphans are all finding that obtaining basic foods has become a constant daily struggle, resulting in empty refrigerators, and hungry children! 

While we cannot change the security threat in Israel or the increasing poverty rate, we CAN ensure that needy families in Israel have food on the table! By sending Food Cards we are ensuring that families can sustain their children and that the needy are able to eat! 

At Global Jewish, our goal is to ensure that our brethren in Israel know they are not alone!  As they continue to reside in our precious Israel, we continue to support them when they are in need! It is our unity that always saved the Jewish nation, and it is our unity that can eradicate hunger in Israel! 


***Please see the link below to watch this breaking news report, and donate Food cards today!

YOUR support is most critical now! 
YOU can ensure that no child is left hungry in Israel!

Please donate Food Cards to the needy in Israel today! FOR:


Victims of terror,  

Families of IDF soldiers, 

Orphans and needy families,

To make a charitable donation online, 

Please click HERE

or send a check by regular mail to: 

Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network (JAR)

1414 Carroll Street Brooklyn. NY 11213


Each month throughout the year, the Jewish Assistance & Relief Network (JAR) provides close to 2,000 Food Cards for needy families in Israel with a minimum value of $96 to as much as $600, and during the holidays, the numbers go up to 15,000 families with assistance of at least $96 to help with the added holiday expenses.



As the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, a generation whose childhood was taken by the Nazis is spending its final years struggling with hunger, and homelessness. We are finally shed a bit of light as the major Tv news MAKO has put out a campaign to eradicate poverty for Holocaust survivors living in Israel, AND HAS CHOSEN THE "Food Card" as the proper way to ensure that they have food and at the same time are treated with dignity and respect!
I ask you to help us make a change, let's give up on that extra cup of coffee, that extra slice of pizza   
Wed, May 31 2023 11 Sivan 5783