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Below is a glimpse of our work with our dear soldiers, their families, and those that need support and happiness during this difficult time in Israel!.


Being there for Our IDF Heroes and their families!
In the heart of the hardest war, our brave soldiers are on the front lines, fighting valiantly for our nation! Separated from their children, spouses, and everything familiar, they endure the sacrifices of WAR. JAR’S mission of compassion is bringing warmth to their bases and their loved ones. Picture the joy in a soldier's eyes as JAR comes onto their base with delicious BBQ food, music, spreading love right on the base – a moment of respite, a touch of home amid war.

At JAR we do our maximum to embrace Our Heroes and ensure our soldiers feel the warmth of home through BBQs, dancing, and providing Food Cards for our soldiers’ spouses and children. Numerous bases have reached out for this support, and we are honored to stand by them. The cost of this effort is immense, but the need is immeasurable! Providing warmth and appreciation to our soldiers is the least we can do. Yet, only with your help can we make a real impact!

Your support ensures that our soldiers know they are not alone even miles away.

Let us not forget the urgent needs of families in Israel, and even more so those whose spouses are fighting for our brethren!

As mothers and fathers bid farewell to each other, and children remain scared and in need of support, the absence of a parent is very painful, and the lack of a 2 person household income is keenly felt. Wives, running homes with little ones, eagerly await their husbands' return, school and work are inconsistent, and the need for critical food aid is growing by the minute!

Therefore, your support can be life-changing for these families, providing the relief they urgently need.

Currently, JAR is working on distributing thousands of Food Cards to families in crisis effected by the war  valued at 500 to 1000 shekels each. Ensuring that they can purchase food for their children with dignity and convenience! 

Join us in this heartfelt mission; your donation of Food Cards today is a beacon of hope to thousands of IDF families and their children. The Food Card ensures no soldier or their family goes hungry in these challenging times.

Together, We Stand in unity and grace, as a source of strength and comfort to our brethren in need. Donate Food Cards today and make a tangible difference for  wounded individuals and orphans, IDF soldiers on the front lines and their families.

Your Support Matters!

I wish to help my brethren in Israel with pre-paid Food Cards for:

Victims of terror,
Families of IDF soldiers,
Orphans and needy families,       
Should you wish to donate online, please click HERE


or send a check by regular mail to:

Global Jewish Assistance (JAR)

1414 Carroll Street Brooklyn. NY 11213


Attached Flyer is a pdf file about our Campaign.



As the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, a generation whose childhood was taken by the Nazis is spending its final years struggling with hunger, and homelessness. We are finally shed a bit of light as the major Tv news MAKO has put out a campaign to eradicate poverty for Holocaust survivors living in Israel, AND HAS CHOSEN THE "Food Card" as the proper way to ensure that they have food and at the same time are treated with dignity and respect!
I ask you to help us make a change, let's give up on that extra cup of coffee, that extra slice of pizza   
Sun, December 10 2023 27 Kislev 5784