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Join our Shavuot Campaign in Benefit of the Orphans and Needy Families in Israel!

Spring is finally here! Flowers are in full bloom, the scent of morning dew fills the air, and sunny days and picturesque views are most common during this time of year, therefore, It is most befitting that Chag Hashavout which celebrates the acceptance of the Torah takes place during this beautiful time of year! The Torah is the essence of our nation's history. It is the glue that has held us together for thousands of years and continues to be our most cherished gift! Chag Hashavout celebrates this special time. 

As the scent of cheesecakes and blintzes emanate from homes and bakeries across Israel, it is apparent that Shavuot is approaching. During this Chag the streets of Israel are filled with little girls and boys dressed in white and colorful clothing on their way to synagogues and family gatherings of celebratory meals. The joy and peacefulness of this Chag are a blessing. Unfortunately, it is important to note that Inflation has made food prices so exorbitant in Israel that thousands of families in Israel are left with empty refrigerators and hungry children! Leaving the thought of celebratory holiday meals an infeasible stressor. Additionally, the rise in terror has left families in mourning, and living in fear aside from the constant struggle to put food on the table!  

This is why we are here! Together with your support we at JAR are committed to ensuring that Jewish families in Israel are able to purchase food for the holidays and throughout the year! BUT WE CANNOT do this without you!

Needy families in Israel need YOUR help to celebrate this chag! 

Join us by sending Food Cards today to help the needy in Israel celebrate this Shavuot! It is our responsibility to ensure our Jewish brethren are able to celebrate Maamad Har Sinai with us!

Let's stand united against hunger in Israel! Just as we stood united in Matan Torah! 

Please open your hearts and donate Food Cards to the orphans and needy families in Israel for Chag Hashavuot! Let's help:

Victims of terror

Families of IDF soldiers

Orphans and needy families

by clicking HERE and donating online.

or send a check by regular mail to: 

    Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network (JAR)

1414 Carroll Street Brooklyn. NY 11213

GJARN is a non-profit organization registered under 501 (c) 3. Tax Id# 11-309-5240

In the merit of your continued support for the needy in Israel, May you, your loved ones, and the entire nation of Israel enjoy a happy and peaceful Chag Hashavout!  

Each and every month throughout the year, the Jewish Assistance & Relief (JAR) provides close to 2,000 "Food Cards" for orphans and needy Israeli families with a minimum value of $96 to as much as $600, and for the holidays, the numbers go up to 10,000 families with assistance of at least $96 to help with the added holiday expenses.

Meet our volunteers and professionals making all of this happen in Israel!

Highlights of the Food Card Program:

Recipients are chosen by local Ministry of Welfare offices based on thier financial needs. Many families have work, but are struggling to make ends meet; some lost their jobs, family sickness, economic hardships caused by the war on terror, death, etc.

Families receive pre-paid food debit cards accepted throughout Israel at any of the 400 Branches of Supersol, Blue Square National Supermarket, Machsanei HaShuk, Victory, Yeinot Beitan, and Shuk Mehadrin chain stores,where they shop with dignity, and are able to buy foods of their choice.

Our Food Cards are pre-programmed so that families can only purchase basic food and household products, and excludes any purchases of cigarettes, alcohol, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, or gourmet foods.

Food Cards are issued for six months, and sometimes extended for another six months if there are extenuating circumstances, giving families time to adapt to their new economic situation and learn to live within their means.

Recipient families are overseen by their local welfare officers with additional oversight by the Jewish Assistance Fund, the Israeli arm of JAR.

Cards are issued throughout the year, as well as during a war or at holidays.

Recipients come  from all walks of life and from throughout Israel with absolutely no discrimination, and include: orphans, single parent families, holocaust survivors, the elderly, soldiers of the IDF, and special needs children, etc.

Food Cards are programmed with different amounts based on donor specifications and recipient needs.

Our administrative budget in Israel is covered by the rebates we receive from the national retailers so that 100% of your donation goes directly to feed needy families. There is NO warehouse and logistical fees spent to cover packaging and distribution costs, as families receive their cards in the mail and then go shop like all other citizens.


In the merit of your generous donation,

may you and your loved ones enjoy a Happy Shavuot! 

!חג שבועות שמח לכל עם ישראל

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784