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Purim Day Matanot L'evyonim campaign for ISRAEL!

A nation that celebrates miracles throughout the year has got to be composed of so many special people! It is no secret that many of our holidays are celebrating the miracles we have witnessed in unison throughout time.  As a nation we are constantly growing, evolving, standing united, and thriving! This is the result of our unity, brotherhood and a genuine love for mankind. As Purim preparations arise throughout Jewish schools, homes, community centers, and nursing homes, there are so many individuals and families who look forward to this festive day! Supermarkets stock up on treats and fun ingredients to incorporate into mishloach manot, toy stores fill up with costumes and excited children, and the scent of Humentashen emanates from Bakeries everywhere.

 In Israel Corona continues to spread regardless of what time of year it is, and the mandates have made everyday life most challenging. Community events have been postponed and this is heartbreaking as they serve as a warm place for the needy to feel some of that holiday spirit and celebration. This is such a loss, a lack of a warm meal and some holiday warmth for so many orphans, holocoust survivors, soldiers of the IDF and needy families living in Israel. Unfortunately, as the economic situation in Israel continues to fall, more and more Jews are joining the ranks of the needy, and with the lack of community celebrations as Corona continues to spread, so many of the needy have no place to celebrate this Purim. 

However, we CAN unite once again and ensure that ALL of them join us in celebration by donating Food Cards for the Purim holiday! Because some things we cannot change, but the needy in hunger this Purim is something we MUST change!

We are aiming at sending an additional 1,000 Families "Food Cards" at 300 שקל   =  $96  per family for Purim day (Matanot L'Evyonim)!

I wish to help my brethren in Israel with pre-paid Food Cards for the holiday of PURIM Day "Matanot L'evyonim" for: 

Victims of terror, 

Families of IDF soldiers,

Orphans and needy families,

by clicking HERE and donating online.

or send a check by regular mail to:

Global Jewish Assistance (JAR)

1414 Carroll Street Brooklyn. NY 11213


In the merit of your generous donation may you and your loved ones and all of am yisrael have a Purim Sameach!

 Chag Purim Sameyach! 

!תודה רבה וחג פורים שמח

Highlights of the Food Card Program:

Recipients come from all walks of life, and from throughout Israel, and include; Needy Families, Orphans, Single parent families, Holocaust survivors, the Elderly, Soldiers of the IDF, and Special needs children, etc. 

Our administrative budget in Israel is covered by the rebates we receive from the national retailers, so that 100% of your donation goes directly to feed needy families. 

There is NO warehouse and logistical fees spent to cover distribution costs.

Meet our volunteers and professionals making all of this happen in Israel!

Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783