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Parshat Pinchos

Parshat Pinchos


In the Parsha, we discuss the covenant between G-d and Pinchos guaranteeing the Priesthood for him and his descendants for all generations. 

The question begs, was Pinchos in fact greater than his teacher and great uncle Moses in meriting such a blessing? After all said and done, whatever became of Moses own children? Where they given any position after their fathers death?

Furthermore, our commentaries teach us that Pinchos is Elijah the Prophet, and we are told that Elijah never deceased and in fact comes to every Brit Milah (circumcision) and will be the one to announce the coming of the coming of Moshiach?

What was so great and special about Pinchos?

The Torah tells us that his zealotry for G-d and for calming G-d merited him this greatness.

So the questions begs to be asked.

Didn't Moses also intervene for the Jewish people, and more than once?

Didn't Moses go as far as daring G-d to forgive the Jewish people or else delete Moses' name from the entire Torah?

Our Sages answer that as great as Moses was, his intervention was in prayers and in spiritual realms. Pinchos however endangered his personal life and risked it all.

There are two levels and approaches in Judaism. Prayer and Action. Both are important.

But when the Jewish people are in danger, prayer alone is not enough, -- action is what is needed.

When approached to help another Jew in need, one cannot say, I will pray for him, I'll think about him, I'll speak to my Rabbi or the Federation and see what they can do for him.

We must take action, even if it is risky and may cause us some temporary discomfort.

In doing so, we will merit G-d's covenant as well.

Shabbat Shalom

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784