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Support For The IDF During The 2nd Lebanon War

As a result of the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, the Israeli arm of GJARN stepped up its activities in support of the IDF.

The support was divided on two positions.



1)     To bring about the release of the abducted soldiers. To this end, we launched a large internet based petition campaign delivered to the United Nations and leaders of the G7 demanding their release and also asking that Israel be reimbursed by the UN for infrastructure damage wrought by the Hezbollah missile onslaught.

2)     Providing moral support for the fighting men and women of the IDF. During the war, Israel’s National Food Bank provided surplus food donations to soldiers on the front lines. Since the War, we have been providing financial support to Rabbi Mendy Ofen of Ohr LeChayal and a member of the Agudah LeMaan HaChayal / Friends of the IDF, enabling him/them to provide morale support to soldiers on the front lines in the form of Chanukah parties and regular barbecues, distribution of Holiday kits for Chanukah and Purim, etc. GJARN also donated a vehicle to Ohr LeChayal making it easier for them to conduct their day to day activities.

Today we continue tio provide food assistance to soldiers and their needy families through The FOOD CARD project and in cooperation with several local charities (see Current Projects: Support for the IDF),

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