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USDA Distributions

From 1992 - 2011, the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network was fortunate to be one of the largest recipients of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) food grants under various USDA programs. In total, we were responsible for the collection, shipment and distribution of more than 75,000 MT (metric tons) of donated food to needy communities in the FSU,

GJARN was the largest U.S. Private Voluntary Organization (P.V.O.) recipient of USDA grants in Russia, feeding more than 2,500,000 annually, amongst them more than 350,000 Jewish elderly and needy.

Grants were primarily for Russia and Ukraine with one grant in 1993 including Belarus and Moldova.

The Global Jewish Assistance won recognition and an award from USDA for being one of the most efficient and cost effective US non profits to adminster food aid in the FSU.

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