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Watari, Japan Tsunami Response

A rare view inside Watari, Japan

Japan Jewish Relief was granted rare access to film inside of an Evacuation Shelter and interact with the people living there. It was decided by the head of the Evacuation Center to allow the filming to occur in hopes of continued Humanitarian Aid and warm meals for those living there. There was no film crew just a man with a camera pointed at Japan Jewish Relief's lead volunteer Roy Somech handing out the first delivery of croissants to the children living in the shelter. In the background you can see the area that they have created as their living space everyone is huddled together like one giant family with little space between people or family areas.

Some Background:
The video was created several days ago when Japan Jewish Relief  first arrived in the city of Watari. They were invited there to help out the people of the city who had not had a hot meal since the Tsunami. While many organizations have raised a ton of money for the disaster in Japan it is very difficult for them to be given permission to be on the ground and actually do anything with the money. It is left to the smaller organizations to fill the gap and help those devastated by the Tsunami.

Today, Roy visited Watari again and was welcomed into the shelter. What met his eyes was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Heartbreaking to see the plight of so many people who lost their homes, indeed their cities and all the surroundings familiar to them. Many of them, have in fact, lost their loved ones and have almost nothing with which to rebuild their lives. On the other hand, it was heartwarming because at least these people are fortunate to have a roof over the head and, in the case of Watari, caretakers with a real heart trying to get them the help they desperately need.

The reason Japan Jewish Relief has been able to operate for as long as it has is because all of the volunteers are from the effected areas of Japan and are allowed access in and out of the effected areas. They are allowed to help as word is spreading about the organization and what it is able to accomplish for the people. Requests for help including their wish lists for what they need as well as written permission to be in the different cities are coming in. The problem is that the organization is very small and support is limited.

In order to help boost a friend base a very generous single donor has agreed to give $10,000 in order to help Japan Jewish Relief reach 10,000 Facebook Fans. He is doing so in hopes that our message will reach the eyes of so many others who might be willing to help. To put it in perspective $10,000 covers one day of meals for the people of Watari that is 2 Hot Meals for each of the 2,000 residents left. Without more help the organization will not be able to continue.

Here's how you can help become a fan of Japan Jewish Relief's Facebook Page and share with your friends to do the same. 

Would you like to help Japan? Up to $10,000 dollars will be donated to Japan Jewish Relief if we can reach 10,000 Facebook fans! All you need to do is become a fan and ask your friends to become fans as well.

If you have been working with an organization who has collected money to help Japan and are having issues getting it to people in need, Japan Jewish Relief is looking for partners who would be willing to pay the food bills in order to feed the cities who are in need.  You would be able to pay the suppliers directly and the delivery of the food would be documented. Our volunteers would be there to physically hand out the food and make sure it get to those who you intended it to reach. If you would be interested in doing this please contact either: Lazar Avzton (based in NY)- or Mordechai Avzton (based in Hong Kong)

Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784