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The Prescription For Life Program

Though Israel boasts a socialized medicine system that ostensibly cares for every citizen, its size and scope is such that too many individuals and families must pay for various prescription drugs—and, too often, the most expensive ones. Even those drugs and prescriptions covered by the state and local insurance companies require a monthly co-pay. Far too often, chronic patients must choose between purchasing food and medication or paying utility bills. Tragically, many cut their medications by 50%, or drop them altogether, as they simply cannot afford the medical expenses on top of their basic life expenses. The Prescription for Life Program was created specifically to address this growing problem. The program works with Israel’s Ministry of Health and the country’s leading non-profit health and social-services to provide qualifying families and individuals with vouchers redeemable at a wide range of pharmacies.

The pilot project has proven beyond any doubt, the need and most important, the value such a program provides as a great majority of the patients who took their medications on a regular basis and as prescribed by their doctors, required far fewer medical and hospital visits as before.  Ultimately, this saved the insurance companies and the State of Israel far more money than the actual cost of the subsidy which we provided.
With your continued support, we can turn this into a national program, saving the State of Israel money, but most important, improving the quality of life for our elderly and needy.
Due to budget constraints this project has been temporarily suspended until we can solicit the appropriate funding to restart the project on a national scale.



Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784