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In late 2014, Rabbi Noach Majesky was sent by Chabad of Central Africa to host a community Chanukah celebration in Accra. He and the community hit it off so well and took a such a liking to each other, that he returned in March for Purim and then again with his wife and family for Passover in April. By September 2015, the Majesky family settled in Accra and opened a vibrant community center, wth pre school, Talmud Torah, classes, and many other programs. 

The Global Jewish Assistance is involved with all their programs and very active in their development, assisiting with sending groups of Rabbinical students throughout the year for major Jewish holidays, fundraising efforts and in the growth of their programs.

To learn more about their programs, please visit

To support their programs, please make a donation at /civicrm/contribute/transact?cid=0&reset=1&id=26

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