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Founded in 1992 by Rabbi Eliezer Avtzon and a dedicated group of individuals, GJARN is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3), tax exempt charitable organization originally created to provide emergency relief to the collapsed Jewish communities of the Former Soviet Union. While it continues to provide vital services there, the bulk of its programs and energies today are in providing for the material welfare of needy Jews in Israel, primarily "the working poor", through "The FOOD CARD" program.

GJARN is also active in rebuilding of Jewish life in Central Africa, Asia and Europe, and runs numerous non- sectarian programs there. GJARN is also a member of the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief providing emergency relief in disaster emergency situations. In addition, GJARN continues to manage several local programs near its home base in New York.

GJARN supporters are people from all walks of life who share GJARN’s commitment and dedication to relieving the pain and suffering of people around the world, most especially those in remote areas where aid is scarce or often non-existent.

GJARN prides itself on its cooperative efforts, as we partner with local, grassroots, and non-profits in the countries in which we work. This enables us to reduce delivery and administrative costs, thereby making your donated dollars go much further. At the same time, by working hand in hand, we are strengthening the local non-profits and helping them achieve self-sufficiency.

In Israel. where the needy worry about how they will feed themselves or their children, GJARN works hand in hand with the Ministry of Welfare and many partner local charities, by providing the needy with the debit-like 'Food Card' which can be used in over 400 major supermarket branches throughout Israeli cities. With the debit-like card, the needy can buy basic necessities with their dignity and without shame.

Highlights of the Food Card Program:

- There are no warehouse or overheard costs, 100% of your donation is wired straight to the needy, as our administrative budget in Israel is covered by the rebates we receive from the national retailers.

- 'Food Cards' are programmed to only allow purchase of basic necessities, and exclude: any purchase of cigarettes, alcohol, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, or gourmet foods.

- Food Cards are issued for six months, and are sometimes extended if there are extenuating circumstances, giving families time to adapt to their new economic situation and learn to live within their means.

GJARN’s programs provide immediate relief with food, clothing and pharmaceuticals; improve primary medical care and health conditions; and promote the development of civil society.

GJARN’s working philosophy rests on the fundamental principles of:

  • Helping people directly • Developing a grassroots infrastructure.
  • Creating long-term solutions that enable people and communities to become self-sufficient.

Wherever there is a need, that is where you will find GJARN’s humanitarian programs, reaching out to those in need.

We attribute our rapid growth to the fact that we have a simple approach -- seeing problems and creating direct, effective and cost-efficient solutions.

What makes GJARN particularly unique is that:

  • We address the needs of those who are the least served.
  • We reach people even in the most remote places where transportation is difficult.
  • We care for people who have no families nearby for support.
  • We focus on people who live under the poverty level of their country.
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