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The Chaim Eliezer Tefillin Project

In late December 2006, GJARN initiated a new project. This new project was to provide Tefillin sets for needy Bar Mitzvah boys from the expelled communities of Gush Katif whose families could otherwise not afford to purchase them on their own. In the future, we hope to include children and families from Yehudah and Shomrom as well.

The project was sponsored in honor of Chaim Eliezer ben Yehudah Yitzchok & Rivka Menya for long years of good health and nachas from his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Tefillin Project works in conjunction with the Projects Coordinator of the Gush Katif Foundation to ascertain which boys are in need of assistance with their Bar Mitzvah.


The first set* of Tefillin was delivered on January 1st 2007. Since then several dozen Bar Mitzvah boys received their Tefillib through this wonderful project.


A set* includes:

-Tefillin Mehudarot Gasot  

-Talit [for Sephardim]


-Talit/Tefillin bag[s] embroidered with their full name

-thick zippered plastic bag.


The approximate cost is $350-$400/set.

An inscription is written inside the Siddur. Should you be interested in sponsoring a set, we would be more than happy to inscribe what you wish inside the Siddur.


There are, approximately, 280 Gush Katif boys reaching Bar Mitzvah this year [2007], and financial assistance is needed for at least 50 of them.

To learn more about the Tefillin Project, or to sponsor a Bar Mitzvah set* for a needy boy, please contact our New York office at 1-718-774-6497 or write to us at




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