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Parshat Shelach

Parshat Shelach

As the Jewish people are preparing to enter the Land of Israel, Moses was advised by the people to send spies and scout the land.

Moses in turn asked G-d, who answered Shelach Lecha Anashim - send for yourself men.

Rashi explains this to mean, G-d is basically answering, there is no need, but if the people are asking and you wish to please them, so go ahead.

Moshe chooses capable men, all outstanding as defined by the word "Anashim" meaning wholesome etc yet he still added a "Yud" to the name of his servant Hoshea, calling him instead Yehoshua, with a prayer that G-d should protect you for the plans of the spies.

The obvious question is why pray for redemption or salvation if they are all fine men?

The answer is that Moshe sent them to scout the land like tourists, but they added to their mission and prepared themselves as spies with an expanded role in deciding whether it is at all possible, and not adhering to the mission of just figuring out the best method or route to take.

In life, we often need to make choices. Choosing friends, employees and even a spouse, and the choices are not necessarily simple.

For example, when hiring an employee, we may see resumes with most prestigious universities, highest grade average, strong internships, experience, or well known and established families, and we may come across others seemingly less qualified resumes but extremely energetic and even more important, a person who shares your passion and dream and believes in your company.

What G-d is telling to Moses here is actually a lesson for us all.

In choosing people, make sure they are "YOURS" -- meaning ensure they are people whose individual opinions will not steer them from the mission you are giving them. Ensure they are dedicated to you and your mission. Only then will you succeed.

This message resonates so strongly today as we see people in public service and private life as well, willing to undermine their companies and even the government itself in pursuit of their personal agendas.Married couples fighting and divorcing like never before as each pursues individual agendas, and forget the mutual desires and beliefs they had in each other when they first decided to join in union.

G-d is telling us that if you want to succeed, chose carefully and make sure whoever it is, is and will, always remain your person.

Shabbat Shalom

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784